R.J. Pineiro

​Born in Cuba and raised in Central America, R.J. Pineiro spent his early years in the midst of civil wars before he migrated to the United States in the late 1970s, first to Florida before settling in Louisiana.

R.J. earned a degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University in 1983 and joined the high-tech industry in Austin Texas, where he worked in computer chip design, test, and manufacturing, before retiring in 2011 to focus full time on his books.

In addition to his high-tech work, R.J. is also an instrument rated private pilot, holds a black belt in martial arts, is a firearms enthusiast, and enjoys the privileges of his Open Water SCUBA certification. 

In the late 1980s R.J. began studying to become a novelist.  As he read every chance he had, from classical literature to contemporary novels, R.J.'s love of storytelling became uncontrollable. Using an aging personal computer, he decided to start his writing career. Once he began, he never stopped.

R.J. married his college sweetheart 32 years ago, Lory Pineiro, an artist and jewelry designer.  They have one son, Cameron, and two crazy dogs, Coco and Zea.