"Avenue of Regrets is a superb psychological thriller, a gripping tale of violence, tension and intrigue. From the very first chapter it propels the reader into a dark world haunted by the demons of the past and the horrific evil of the present. Quite an amazing read.  Highly recommended!"

--Douglas Preston, #1 Bestselling author of the Pendergast series of novels

"Packed with mind-blowing twists and turns, Avenue of Regrets is a riveting crime thriller that will keep you reading until the very last page."

--Cheryl Kaye Tardiff, international bestselling author of Children of Fog

"Pineiro has crafted a tense mystery-thriller with plenty of surprises and a diverse cast of characters.  Even while delving into the darker side of humanity, the fast-paced plot offers hope through the compassion of its protagonist."

--David T. Pennington, author of The Peer Through Time Chronicles


I was happy once. I just didn’t know it. I had a family. I had friends. I had a good job. And one day it all ended.

There are defining moments in people’s lives; times forever etched in our minds. Some are good. Others not so. For David Wallace, there was no worse time than receiving the news of his family’s death while confined to a jail cell on murder charges.Seven years later, David has moved on with his life having started a non-profit shelter for battered women, still haunted by the indiscretion which changed his world forever. But there are dark forces in play demanding a reckoning. As he’s besieged by past demons, David discovers enemies and crimes so heinous, and so far-reaching, they threaten to propel him down another Avenue of Regrets

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