"Unrelenting thriller.  Absolute Authenticity on Every Page." 

--Publishers Weekly  -Starred Review

When ISIS detonates nuclear weapons in two key American strongholds, the United States plunges into chaos and the CIA scrambles to prevent a third tragedy in Without Mercy, a terrifying and topical thriller by Col. David Hunt and R.J. Pineiro.

"A Fine Apocalyptic Thriller.  Right up the alley of Clancy fans." --Booklist​

“A masterful thriller written by men of deep experience. First-rate and very highly recommended!” ―Ralph Peters, New York Times bestselling author

“The ultimate terrorist scenario, with authenticity steeped into every page. Readers who enjoy Tom Clancy and Brad Taylor will find a new favorite.” ―Ward Larsen, USA Today bestselling author

"A gripping and rather terrifying thriller . . . The story moves at top speed throughout." ―BookLoons 


"This Military Adventure Thriller Deserves to Become a Genre Classic."

--Publishers Weekly - Starred Review

!n Without Fear, Colonel David Hunt and R. J. Pineiro have crafted another action-packed, frighteningly plausible thriller steeped in authenticity.

Southern Afghanistan, 2005. NATO forces are battling the Taliban across Kandahar Province. In a terrifying twist, the rebels unearth a tactical nuclear bomb lost in the final days of the Soviet occupation. The years buried in the sand have damaged it, so the Taliban seeks the help of al Qaeda to secure replacement parts through its contacts in Saudi Arabia, the Opium Cartel, and the Russian Mafia. Doing so, however, inadvertently alerts the Americans, the Russians, and the Israelis.

Hunter Stark and his team of CIA contractors are on the chase, dispensing explosive waves of violence to track where the Taliban is hiding the weapon. But Russian Spetsnaz and Israeli Mossad operatives are also in the region following their own agendas―as is NATO―triggering chaos and confusion.

The stakes skyrocket when a courier delivers the components and the weapon becomes functional, forcing Stark to drive full throttle, without fear, into a world of terror, going beyond duty and honor to prevent the unthinkable


 "A Superb Psychological Thriller."

--Douglas Preston​

"Worthy of Hitchcock."

--Publishers Weekly


I was happy once. I just didn’t know it. I had a family. I had friends. I had a good job. And one day it all ended.

There are defining moments in people’s lives; times forever etched in our minds. Some are good. Others not so. For David Wallace, there was no worse time than receiving the news of his family’s death while confined to a jail cell on murder charges.Seven years later, David has moved on with his life having started a non-profit shelter for battered women, still haunted by the indiscretion which changed his world forever. But there are dark forces in play demanding a reckoning. As he’s besieged by past demons, David discovers enemies and crimes so heinous, and so far-reaching, they threaten to propel him down another avenue of regrets

AVAILABLE       11.16.18


"An Exciting Military Action Thriller."

--Publishers Weekly

From the New York Times best-selling author of DEFCON One, Joe Weber, and R. J. Pineiro, the acclaimed author of Without Mercy, comes a new novel of global terrorism and international conflict.

Theunthinkable has happened. The United States is under attack. From the sea and the sky, the devastating attacks come, crippling the US military’s ability to respond. Thousands have been killed and injured.

Below the sea, a predator stalks the pride of America’s Navy: its aircraft carriers. Deadly and silent, this killer seems able to elude all efforts to find it.

In the skies over the Pacific, a belligerent China flexes its muscles, seeing an opportunity to exploit America’s sudden vulnerability. As Chinese and American fighters play a deadly game of chicken high above the US fleet, one wrong move could plunge the world into war.

Yet the greatest threat remains to be seen. From Asia to the Middle East, America finds herself at war, stretched thinner than she has ever been.